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Fikri Muhammad Iqbal

DevOps Engineer
Backend Engineer



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Teknik Informatika
Universitas Padjadjaran
3.58 GPA


Basically an ordinary human who love code and coffee. I code to create something that I can be proud of, built with clean code, best practices, and new technologies. Having strong web backend skills especially on Laravel Application. Has heavy experience on DevOps to manage Production in AWS, GCP, Alibaba, using CI/CD pipeline and Kubernetes.


Devops Engineer / Backend Engineer

Feb 2022 - Current Universitas Padjadjaran, Full time

My vision is to rework how development in unpad works, and change it to be more agile, more flexible, and can deliver faster code to client. I mainly focused on architecting CI/CD pipeline, and how the infrastructure could be integrated to it. I also create main backbone for our new System using Microsrevice architecture that leverage async architecture using kafka.

Backend Engineer

Mar 2022 - Dec 2022 DanaSyariah Indonesia, Project

I am tasked to create api in Laravel aligned with their new Onboarding process. My main focus is to create usable code that can be understood, and leverage versioning instead of using "new" keyword so it can be future-proof. I also integrate more modern code architecture into the system, including creating custom Gate and ServiceProvider to handle WSO2 connection.

System Administrator

Feb 2021 - Feb 2022 Universitas Padjadjaran, Project

Mainly managing E-Learning service with moodle and optimize to handle our current load. The most challenging part is when we have massive quiz with 3000 concurrent user. We also manage handle from our lecturer to accomodate their need. Beside that we try to make our in-house monitoring and statistics to monitor our e-learning platform performance.

Junior Backend Engineer

July 2020 - Dec 2020 Xtremax Pte Ltd, Full time

First time hand's on C# code but I got adapted fairly quickly mainly because the web development knowledge in general doesn't change much. There's so much thing I need to learn on C# and Sitecore development, its unique and challenging.

Full Stack Engineer

Feb 2020 - Jun 2020 PT Reksa Finansial Tertata, Full time

As I maintain server, regularly doing maintenance, I am now being tasked as Full Stack Engineer using Laravel, mainly handling new feature such as new report type and data migration from competitor apps. As always, I try to maintain high-standard on my code with readability, extensibility, and PSR-compliant.

DevOps Enginer

May 2019 - Aug 2021 PT Reksa Finansial Tertata, Freelance

I maintain the production server realiability and how it should be deployed. I also maintain the staging server to handle various requirements before it go live, creating more simulated environment to match the production. The challenge is how to reduce cost while keeping the uptime good.

Full Stack Engineer & Lead

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019 Universitas Padjadjaran, Project

We create web apps to handle registration of Universitas Padjadjaran Entrance Selection (SMUP). I work with 2 other teammates to create registration, bio data filling, and payment using already-built host-2-host service with bank. It is considered a successful project that used in one other university. Built using Laravel and standard bootstrap-jquery frontend.

Backend Engineer

Jun 2017 - Jun 2019 Techno Line ID, Part time

Working mainly on developing an Enterprise Resource Planning that handle huge day-to-day transaction. Most of it to handle backend code but also handle the frontend code (javascript). Built on Laravel with modular-based approach. All module is integrated and considered to manage all aspect of the store, the four major one is POS, HR, Accounting, and Inventory.

POSSI Web Portal

2017 Techno Line ID, Part time

A diving certificate management site, with frontpage. Work mainly as backend developer to handle diving certificate management. Not an ordinary CRUD but more like a web application with user-oriented approach.

Save The Children IDMS

2016 STC IDMS Team, Project

An Integrated Database Management System, basically handling entity CRUD. Work as Full-stack that handle some of module, main focus is to make a user-friendly interface so it has many javascript interaction

2017 - POSSI Web Portal

ERP / Backend Dev / #Techno Line ID / POSSI

2016 - STC IDMS

IDMS / Full Stack / Save The Children Indonesia

An Integrated Database Management System, basically handling entity CRUD. Work as Full-stack that handle some of module, main focus is to make a user-friendly interface so it has many javascript interaction